Why Upgrade?

Upgrading a commercial building to more energy-efficient equipment will reduce your energy consumption and lower your bill. Most often, utilities offer rebates which offset some of the project cost.

Utility rebates play a key role in reducing the cost of the project. Use this tool at any time to see the estimated rebate. You can use it for many different scenarios and see a complete payback analysis including energy savings and breakeven period on an easy-to-read chart.

**All product eligibility and rebates should be verified by the utility company. 1000LED does not provide a guarantee for rebate estimates or rebate programs.

Usage Instructions and Field Explanations:

  •     Fill out all the information about your project below, including pre and post fixture quantity and type.
  •     The hours of operation has been defaulted to 4,000 hours. If you have a more accurate HOU, you can override that field.
  •     If you have multiple lines you would like to include, click the green + icon on the top right of the screen. You can use the arrows to toggle between lines.
  •     Enter your zip code and choose the correct utility to generate utility rebates. This will also help to improve the accuracy of the energy savings calculations, as we'll pull in your utility's average C&I electric rate, which can also be overridden.

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