60W Equivalent Daylight (5,000K) High Definition A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb (2-Pack)

60W Equivalent Daylight (5,000K) High Definition A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb (2-Pack)

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  • Fully dimmable for customizable lighting indoors and outdoors
  • Puts out 800 Lumens with a 13.7-year life expectancy
  • 75% less energy compared to standard incandescent light bulb

GE Refresh LED 60W A19 high definition light offers a cool, invigorating daylight (5000K) perfect for energizing moments and active spaces. High definition light provides greater color distinction and enhanced contrast vs. GE's regular LED light. Use Refresh LED light in spaces like playrooms, home office, laundry rooms, and even outside.

  • Brightness: 800 Lumens
  • Estimated yearly energy cost: $1.20 (based on 3 hours/day, 11¢/kWh; cost depends on rates and use)
  • Life: 13.7-years (based on 3 hours/day)
  • Light appearance: 5000K (daylight)
  • Energy used: 10.5-Watt (equivalent to a 60-Watt standard incandescent light bulb)
  • Lumens per watt: 76.2
  • Uses up to 75% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb
  • Bright daylight for active rooms like playrooms, garages, offices and laundry rooms
  • Use this GE LED general purpose light bulb in table lamps, sconces and open fixtures
  • Greater color contrast and boldness vs. standard LED
  • Standard light bulb shape
  • Whites appear whiter
  • Meets federal minimum efficiency standards for Energy Star certification


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